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Scripting Software

Allegro At Allegro, we have programmers available to help you streamline your business. Our programmers have experience with the following programs:

Scriptwriter Plus is available for Apollo® by Travelport GDS users with Focalpoint® 3.X, FocalpointNet™, and Galileo Desktop™ 1.01. With Scriptwriter Plus we are able to revise existing scripts or design, develop, test and implement new scripts to automate and standardize complex or redundant entries.

ScriptPro is a proprietary programming language used to write and maintain Worldspan ScriptPro scripts, which are only compatible within the Worldspan by Travelport GDS. The ScriptPro programming language, along with other ScriptPro editor and interface tools were created by leading airlines and their GDS affiliates for travel industry partners and Worldspan by Travelport GDS subscribers.

GlobalWare script modifications to GlobalWare software will allow an agency to incorporate additional formats for individualized reporting needs.

ClientBase offers personalized service every time you talk with a customer by managing your data centrally with the leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for agencies. Designed specifically for travel agencies to provide complete profile, contact and trip management abilities. ClientBase Windows provides the information and efficiencies for agents to develop and maintain client relationships, as well as increase productivity and perform all agent and agency processes.

Custom Check™ eliminates redundancy in QC efforts to increase productivity, increases the accuracy of PNR as it's created, ensuring ticketing occurs quickly and efficiently and with all PNR requirements and automates manual QC processes to ensure PNRs are created faster and with fewer errors.

Scriptwriter is an obsolete scripting language originally written for Apollo for the Focalpoint 3.0 system running on Windows 3.1 or 95. If you are operating in these environments, we can service your existing script library or help you upgrade your workstations.
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